Animals and Ice

In the footsteps of the great Antarctic explorers, and accompanied by many albatrosses, we headed south across the Southern Ocean, first to the island of South Georgia and then onward to Elephant Island and the Antarctic Peninsula. It had been claimed that you go to South Georgia for the animals but the ice brings you back to Antarctica. A Lindblad and National Geographic Expeditions cruise in November 2014 allowed that claim to be tested. Would South Georgia be all about the animals while ice covered landscapes dominated in Antarctica?
If you click on the image of the book is should provide a full preview of the book. There are two versions of this book, the preview is of the square coffee table book while the other book is a portrait format book in a soft cover. The portrait format book has more images and I designed it mostly to make it available as an e-book as the square book doesn't work well on an iDevice. You can get a partial preview of the e-book and purchase it at
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I've also been using Redbubble to produce products with my photographs for some time. Originally I used Redbubble to create postcards, mostly the images are private as the portfolio quickly gets out of control, and I have received a lot from Ren Provo. Their throw pillows are also quite nice although I think you need to chose the image carefully, I've got one made using a tile image from the Alcázar of Seville which I especially like.
Unfortunately they discontinued producing calendars and I haven't found a replacement that I was happy with so for the moment there aren't any to purchase. If you want a calendar and find a site that allows me to upload images and you purchase the result I'm happy to try it out.