In the past I have given a few talks on the Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL) at events such as Apricot and Internet2 Joint Techs.
I was also intending to participate on a couple of panel sessions at the AARNet Advanced Internet Workshop in 2001 and while I couldn't make it Guy Almes presented my IPv6 slides.

While at AARNet I made a number of presentations, mostly on the AARNet3 network or peering.

The Australian ISP industry has finally grown up and now there is an AusNOG conference, thanks to Bambi, James and Steve. At the first AusNOG conference in Sydney during November 2007 I made a presentation was called "Real World IPv6" and I contended that the ISPs needed to start deploying IPv6 even without any demand because a viable solution to the IPv4 address exhaustion problem is needed. At the second conference in August 2008 I talked about the joys of building POP sites in remote parts of the globe, i.e. in the USA, Germany and Singapore, while I was at AARNet.

Given I've been watching IPv6 "deployment" of AusNOG-02 participants for some time I thought I would give a Lightning Talk at AusNOG 2013 about it.

While working with APNIC to provide some technical assistance to the folks in Fiji creating their Internet Exchange I gave a brief introduction to Peering, what are the types, using IRR data to configure filters, using PeeringDB, etc.