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Collected here are previews of the photo books I have produced via The image will either allow you to directly preview the book or take you to the Blurb web site. Note that Blurb still appears to think that Flash is a good idea on a desktop and Chrome might be your best browser option. On an iDevice it will open a new page on the Blurb web site to provide the preview.

Animals and Ice

In the footsteps of the great Antarctic explorers, and accompanied by many albatrosses, we headed south across the Southern Ocean, first to the island of South Georgia and then onward to Elephant Island and the Antarctic Peninsula. It had been claimed that you go to South Georgia for the animals but the ice brings you back to Antarctica. A Lindblad and National Geographic Expeditions cruise in November 2014 allowed that claim to be tested. Would South Georgia be all about the animals while ice covered landscapes dominated in Antarctica?

Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands

Cruise to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and onto Antarctica on a National Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions cruise. In the West Falklands visit a colony shared by Rockhopper Penguins, Blue-eyed Shags and Black-browed Albatrosses before continuing to Stanley and hiking to the final battlefield of the Falklands War. In South Georgia visit with the King Penguins at Salisbury Plain, St. Andrews Bay and Gold Harbour while also paying respects to “The Boss”, Sir Ernest Shackleton, at his grave in Grytviken. Continue to the Antarctic Peninsula and step on the continent to visit with Adélie and Gentoo Penguins at Brown Bluff before experiencing the real Antarctica at Port Lockroy.

The Arctic

Travel with Mark through the High Arctic cruising around Svalbard on a National Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions cruise, encountering the wildlife as well as appreciating its natural beauty, before heading to Western Greenland and the UNESCO World Heritage listed Ilulissat Icefjord.


Join Mark and a small group of photographers on a National Geographic photographer led expedition through the Land of the Thunder Dragon - Bhutan.
The expedition travelled through western Bhutan, visiting the Phobjika Valley and experiencing the Punakha Tshechu (festival).

Moorish Spain and Portugal

National Geographic Expeditions (NGE) confusingly titles this expedition “Inside Spain and Portugal”. Spain is a large country, fifth largest in Europe, and so trying to tackle it in 11 days (not to mention adding in Portugal) would be mad and NGE aren’t that crazy. The tour concentrated on southern Portugal and Spain’s south-western autonomous communities of Extremadura and Andalusia. As a result it was mostly about the Moorish influence on the Iberian peninsular. The Catholic Monarchs would not have been amused but there was also time to visit a Cathedral or two.
The expedition visited a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Alhambra in Grenada, the Mezquita in Córdoba and the city of Évora, as it travelled from Lisbon to Madrid.
Also there was no shortage of excellent food and wine, just a lack of time to take it all in.


My fifth National Geographic Expedition was to Myanmar (Burma). This turned out to be the first truly photographic expedition as the previous ship based ones were cruises accompanied by a National Geographic photographer whereas this was a full on photography focused tour. We went to the same locations as the standard tour (Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, and Inle Lake) but the itinerary was turned on its head to ensure we were out at iconic locations in the best light and had the resources (monks, fishermen, boats) needed to get our shots. All in all an outstanding experience with a great group of people and one I hope to repeat.